Creative solutions for your specific needs

  • Expert advice

The expertise of our design and prototyping department is available to support you in your project.

  • Adaptation

Proven know-how and a diversity of solutions to meet your business requirements.

  • Controlled production

A manufacturing control that ensures responsiveness in providing and monitoring your products.


    We listen to your problems and find solutions thanks to CILAO’s expertise. Creation of a solution and drafting of specifications.


    Feasibility and price study, operational and production cost optimization. Initial project proposal.


    Production of prototypes until full satisfaction is obtained.


    Control of the production line in our workshops for constant and controlled quality.

  • Example of Our Capacity to Adapt

Adaptation of a backpack for the GMHM (High Mountain Military Group) to cross the Darwin Cordillera from west to east and the formation of the Mountain Infantry Commando. Watch the video

  • Example of One of Our Creations

For ACTEMIUM, we manufactured backpacks for working at heights that are optimized for interventions in narrow environments.

  • Example of One of Our Productions

For RTE, we manufactured strap rings in different colors with built-in braking carabiners.