• This seat harness slips on like a pair of shorts so so that users can easily suit themselves up.
  • Auto Secure Sytem technology is a patented self-bearing buckleless harness eliminating adjustments or extra straps. This is a retractable and self-adjusting elastic band at the waist resistant to 1,500kg. Guaranteed safety, the harness can’t come loose.
  • Available in several sizes: 4 years to XL.
  • Assistance: in order to ascertain rapidly the harness size required, place the ‘‘measurement’’ strip across the hips (same colour as the harness).
  • Tip: use the 80/20 rule: 80% of DRAGON harnesses and 20% of iKKO adjustable harnesses. With this approach, cater to all shapes and sizes during high traffic days.

  • Quick to pull on and cost of equipment is kept to a minimum: The user can put the harness on alone
  • Reduced user wait times
  • Rated highly comfortable by users
  • Guaranteed safety: The harness can’t come loose
  • Auto Secure System
  • The size may be easily identified by its colour-coded marking
  • Tie-in point for belay loop located above the centre of gravity to avoid any risk of the user turning upside down
  • Lightweight
  • Single tie-in point with abrasion protection
  • Sliding strap with elastic adjuster connects the belt and legs
  • Equipment holder on the right-hand side has a capacity of 200kg
  • Super-strength polyester strap
  • Made in Europe
  • Certified to CE EN 12277
Customer references

Fabien Demonceau, director of Nature Sensations Aventures (16800 Soyaux – France)

« “I have been using the DRAGON harness since 2010. I am very satisfied by the buckleless concept (easy to suit on), the price, and the lifespan of the harness. We were able to give the right size to clients by eye, only after 4 days. Climbers who use regular harnesses have an apprehension at first because there are no buckles, but at the end of the courses, they are very satisfied.”

Jérôme Lecuyer, director of Accrofury (14320 Feuguerolles-Bully – France)
« After one year operating with DRAGON harness:

  • Size management:

Unlike regular seat harnesses adjustable to multiple sizes, this harness requires different sizes. When we host a school group outing, we have to use our IKKO harnesses because we are quickly out of certain sizes. As CiLAO recommended we use 80% of DRAGON and 20% of IKKO harnesses (adjustable straps) for about 100 PPEs. On regular days, we barely use IKKO harnesses since sizes balance out with families. At our location, sizes that are mostly used are: 10 years old, 12 years old and XS.

  • Client’s suit up:

In order to gear up clients, we help them put their feet through the leg loops and we let them put it on like a pair of shorts. By doing it themselves, we save a lot of time.

  • Users feedback:

Our clients are nicely surprised. Most of them have experienced an aerial adventure park before with regular adjustable harnesses, where it can get crazy busy at the equipment area. They tell us they enjoy the fast and easy suit up.

  • Harness lifespan:

After a year of operations, our harnesses are in a very good shape.”

Size guide

Technical information


CE EN 12277.

The harnesses may be tracked by means of a unique serial number which is covered by a clear, PVC protective layer.

Three-year warranty covering any faults in design or manufacturing.

Durée de vie
Life cycle include the lifespan and shelf life:
– Lifespan: up to 10 years or 1,800 days of use starting from the first day it is used*.
– Shelf life: up to 3 years before first use.
* According to frequency of use, maintenance, storage conditions and observance of the PPE recommendations for use.

When not in use, keep your hanresses away from humidity and ultraviolet light.

Complementary products


Auto Secure System technology: retractable and self-adjusting elastic band at the waist. Maximum capacity: 1,500kg.

Tie-in point for belay loop located above the centre of gravity to avoid any risk of the user turning upside down.

The size may be easily identified by its colour-coded marking.

Equipment holder on children and adults harnesses.


More video on Youtube/CiLAO