• Fully adjustable harness, specially designed for aeial adventure parks and climbing gyms.
  • One-size-fits-all seat harness with a wide range of adjustment settings: 8 years – XXL.
  • Its one-size-fits-all is suitable for anyone looking for a simple harness to use and to handle. The iKKO harness is suitable for the large majority of your aerial adventure park or climbing center clients.
  • When facing a client, the waist buckle is placed on the right hand side of the operator, to ease its setup.
  • Equipment holder on the right-hand side of the participant with a capacity of 200kg.

  • Time saved by operators: simple and swift to put on
  • Reduced wait time when putting on equipment
  • Easy adjustment of the harness: the iKKO harness is suitable for 95% of visitors to your adventure park
  • Reduced usage costs: high quality materials mean longer lifespan and less renewals
  • Easy-slide buckles allow, rapid, effortless adjustment
  • Elastic tension recoil buckles ensure no accidental loosening
  • The right leg loop colour is different from the left
  • Straps are narrower between  the legs for extra comfort when suspended
  • Loops at the belt and legs to retain excess strap lengths
  • Single tie-in point with abrasion protection
  • Sliding elastic band connects the belt and the thighs
  • Equipment holder on the right-hand side has a capacity of 200kg
  • Super-strength polyamide strap
  • Made in Europe
  • Certified to CE EN 12277
Size guide

Technical information


CE EN 12277.

The harnesses may be tracked by means of a unique serial number which is covered by a clear, PVC protective layer.

Three-year warranty covering any faults in design or manufacturing.

Durée de vie
Life cycle include the lifespan and shelf life:
– Lifespan: up to 10 years or 1,800 days of use starting from the first day it is used*.
– Shelf life: up to 3 years before first use.
* According to frequency of use, maintenance, storage conditions and observance of the PPE recommendations for use.

When not in use, keep your hanresses away from humidity and ultraviolet light.

Complementary products


Easy-slide buckles allow rapid, effortless adjustments. A plastic band restrain the straps to loosen up.

Straps are narrower between the legs for extra comfort when suspended.

Single tie-in point with abrasion protection in Cordura.


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