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AERIAL ADVENTURE: Solutions that are up to the task


For over eight years, CiLAO has designed and manufactured specialist aerial-adventure products: harnesses and lanyards.


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Lanyards                  Harnesses


Our philosophy:

To make all of our products in France and Europe.

To deliver well-finished, quality products.

To meet our delivery deadlines.

Our advantages:

Tailor-made products

Our lanyards are made to measure at our specialized workshop in Annecy: choice of length, asymmetrical yarns, five colours available, two types of fabric.

Production times vary between five days and three weeks (according to workshop schedule).

Free sample available on request. For a personalized quote or any other enquiries, email us at or call +33 (0)6 87 94 32 41 (Romain).


Our location = quick turnaround

Our specialized workshop is located in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, France, which means we can offer quick turnaround times for all product repairs and alterations or other after-sales services.

Our references:

Over 200 aerial-adventure courses across France and Europe have put their trust in and remain loyal to our products.

To name but a few: PAH du Trieves (Patrice Vargel), Altus (concepteur et exploitant), Pyrennées HO (Phil Mercanti), Acro parc de Die (Nicolas Reysset), Monkey forest (Eric Bourhis), Les Rochers de Maguelone (Pascale Joussen Vendrine),Bisc aventure à Biscarosse (Yves ULIANA)...


Our solutions:


Lifespan of our personal protective equipment: Up to ten years or 1800 days of use from the date of purchase, depending on maintenance, storage conditions and care.


Buckleless harness: DRAGON

The Dragon is an exclusive buckleless harness for adults and children, developed specially for use with groups.


- Affordable.

- Quick to put on: It slips on like a pair of shorts, so that users can get kitted out by themselves; no more straps for instructors to adjust!

- Long-lasting: The strap doesn't suffer wear from buckles and repeated adjusting.

A measuring strip is available which enables aerial-adventure instructors to quickly distribute the Dragon harnesses. By placing it around the hips, it determines the colour of the harness needed.




Padded adjustable harness: iXO

The iXO is an adjustable thigh harness with foam padding around the thighs and waist.


High degree of comfort.

Robustness: Outer fabric layer of ultra-resistant Cordura.

Quality of finish.


Adjustable leg-loop harness: iKKO

The iKKO is an adjustable leg-loop harness.

One size fits all.


Very easy to adjust using exclusive easy-slide buckles.

Longer-lasting due to high-quality polyamide strap.


Oversize harness: iZEO 4XL

The iZEO 4XL is a specially designed aerial-adventure harness for kitting out large-build and obese people. Its oversize foam-padded waist strap and extra-wide leg loops offer unparalleled comfort.


Made to measure at our specialized workshop in Annecy.

Choice of two types of assembly: cow hitch or reinforced buckle (quick link).

Two types of fabric: 19 mm flat strap or 10 mm cord.

CE-certified / Load capacity 2200 kg


AGYL single or double flat lanyard

Choice of five colours: black, red, yellow, blue or orange.


Longe Agyl double PAH